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It is my opinion that the watchwords for every business should be ‘good service’. It really takes no extra effort to smile and welcome someone into your store. If it is a bother for you to do that; then my question to you is WHY are you in business and operating a storefront?

Okay. I was in a business establishment recently in which I think I received close to the worst service ever given by a business.
Yes, I was there to pass out my business cards and information; but I was also actually there to check out the nice display of boats and other items they had.

So anyway, when I first entered into the place, all the people, who I guess were salespersons, were huddled around a desk.
They all looked in that direction, because they all heard the door open. However, acknowledging that a potential customer had entered was not part of their operating procedure or training. No ‘hello’…no ‘we’ll be right there’… no nothing.

It was good that they gave me time to browse before approaching me. Nevertheless, there is a fine line between being given time to browse…and straight up ignoring. I think they crossed that line.

At that point, I just decided that I was going to stay long enough to get fodder for an article on what not to do as a business. As you can see, thus far, I was not impressed with anything they had done. I think I would have been less disappointed if the doors would have been locked; and had not been able to get in…at 1:30 in the afternoon. At least, I would have been spared the display of slouchy customer service.

Because it was their store, I believe they had the right to operate it any way they wanted to. I had not bought anything, so I had no ties to the place at the time. Therefore, I did what a non-paying customer does—I eventually left. I completed my mission by placing my information into the hands of someone standing behind the counter and asked them to pass it on t the owner. I asked for a company business card and walked out.

I am writing about the event now, because I am hopeful that business owners everywhere with tacky service people can at least train them on the basic customer service techniques before I get there and have to write another one of these articles.
Three things. Say hello. Let the customer know you are available if they need help. And, thank them for stopping by when they are ready to leave. That’s it. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

Oh, and ‘Have a great day’.

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