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I was looking at an article about recent poll information on the Yahoo website. [Link no longer available]

Observation 1:  Why is it that whenever pollsters poll, nobody ever asks me anything?

Observation 2:  And, when I’m reading the poll data or commentary, it seems skewed in its explanation.

For instance in the Yahoo article, the first thing you read is that ‘Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama’.  First of all, the article should read: ‘of Americans polled, the Majority ”…blah, blah, blah.”

I have a real problem of other ‘Americans’ speaking for me when I can articulate very well for myself.  Pollsters, if you want to know what I think, ask me.  My email address is

Buried further in the article it says that the President’s numbers are still better than those in Congress (of Democrats and Republicans).  So, in effect he’s still doing better than his critics.

And, if I read the article correctly, Democrats are doing better than their Republican counter parts.  But, to read many articles and listening to many reporters – you would never know it.

It still astonishes me how the REpubs can think they can literally do nothing and gain the House and Senate back…without a viable plan to govern.  But, that’s another article.

Anyway, to finish out this article…I am glad to see that they have done what I have wished so many other pollsters would do:  give information about how many people were polled and when they were polled.  It turns out that the poll was conducted 7-11 July.  Guess what, only 1,288 people spoke for ALL of AMERICA!  THAT is the real story!  Wow.   I really appreciate that bit of info, really I do.

I just conducted my own poll.  And, in my poll, 66% of Americans thought that overall, the President and Democrats were doing a good job. There was another 33% who admitted that they really didn’t know what was going on and had no opinion at this time.

This poll was conducted on 13 July 2010.  There were 3 people who participated in the polling session.  Tah-dah.

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