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Ok, I was wrong.

This is Wednesday, the day after… you know–The Election.  I was wrong in thinking that Americans were not as fickle as they are.  I was also wrong in thinking that amnesia was not as wide spread in the general populous as it is.  This is why:

Less than two years ago, Americans voted to put someone in office to ‘make change’.  Since then, these things occurred:

  • Some troops have been withdrawn from Iraq (war ‘technically’ over)
  • Focus has been redirected on Afghanistan
  • Good Will was restored with other nations
  • The economy has been stabilized from a free fall
  • Healthcare Legislation has FINALLY been passed
  • Obscene practices of Insurance companies were being addressed
  • Obscene practices of Wall Street/ Financial Sector were being addressed
  • Legislation was passed to make more money available for Student Loans instead of banks/middleman
  • Several bills passed to address injustices against…. Everybody
  • Infrastructure and maintenance of..AMERICA funded (through STIMULUS & Reinvestment Act)
  • Help given to the Auto, Bank and Financial Industries in order to help keep the economy going

All these things –were done or in progress; yet and still, not enough for many Americans.

One of my favorite commercials ever is the Geico commercial with the Ex-Drill Sergeant (R. Lee Ermey) and the guy lying on the couch. [see it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhlWddAXSRA ]

To me, this is the epitome of America.

[Sentiment being: America needed and needs Tough Love.]  For years both parties claimed they wanted to do something about health care and other issues.  Now that change is in progress, the whining and fearfulness starts.

Although, many of the things that needed to be addressed were addressed, it just didn’t “feel” like they were.  And, because it didn’t “feel” like it, many of the successes and much of the change went unnoticed.

The sad part is that the REpubs will get much of the credit for any progress from this point foward.  I have much respect for Nancy Pelosi and other Dems who made the hard decisions and took tough votes.  To me, they are true Soldiers in the political arena.

I am still a supporter of the President, but his not wanting to get in the fray, caused unnecessary losses in the House and Senate.  That is unfortunate.

In my opinion, I thought the people elected President Obama because they thought he was a fighter…not somebody who just talked a good game.  Yes, things got done, but look at all the seats lost that he could have protected.  Many Dems made the vote because they THOUGHT the President was going to have their back.  What Democrat now will make a tough vote?

In the military, a Soldier will follow a Leader if they believe that the leader will have their back…regardless of the outcome.  If however during the course of a fight, they see the leader waiver or not give direction…then, there is a problem.  The President needs to start ‘putting visible points on the board’ for the home team.

Not only does the President have to worry about the REpubs; now, he has to worry about the DEMs that won’t trust him until he shows he has heart to fight.

So yes, I was wrong.  I could not put all of this in a tweet…sometimes TWEETING is overrated.


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