I just watched the weekly Presidential video  address.  The President is starting to make his case as to why the middle class should get a tax cut, but the rich/wealthiest 2% should not.  Watch video: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2010/11/06/weekly-address-priorities-taxes

The message I got: “Uh… no tax cuts for the top 2% of the Wealthiest Americans…suck it up and drive on.”

I have recently heard the Republican tout about a message or mandate they think they have been given in the recent election on 2 November; but failed (for 2 years) to recognize the same mandate the Democrats had been given in previous elections of 2008 and 2006. I think it is time for us, as a country to start really paying attention to what political leaders are saying.  Maybe it did scare some Americans when Democrats actually got busy and worked for change.  Maybe some Americans did not appreciate the work and negotiating (some called it ‘sausage making’) it took to get bills to the point where they could get enough votes to pass.  Maybe some Americans needed to hear more about the progress that was being made as issues were being addressed.

Regardless of those concerns, we should be more concerned about the Republicans party rhetoric about ‘taking America back’.

If you, as an American, do not want to go back to a $5.25 minimum wage…or possibly no minimum wage at all;  If you do not want to go back to being told to ride in the back of a bus…because of your skin color…or possibly not riding at all;  Or, if you do not want to go back to being identified as somebody else’s property and sold at someone else’s pleasure, then you’d better start taking notice of what’s going on right now–Today.

As the President often says, words DO matter.  And, the Republicans, along with the Tea Party are clearly telling you what they want to do.

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