Something funny; but not cute: the ‘short link’ that auto pops up in Sharethis plug-in that I had placed on my site did not “share” my site!  Instead it went to some U2.com site.

I discovered this when I was double-checking just to see where the ‘shortened’ link actually went to.  First, I apologize to readers for sending you to some place other than those I intended you to visit.  Next I encourage you to check your own shortened links and social buttons to make sure they function as you suppose they do.  Nothing is worse than working hard to promote your own products and end up giving someone the wrong phone number or address.  That just ‘ain’t’ right.

2 Responses to “Quick Posts: “hey, that’s not my site!””

  1. We suffer over at ours from loads of traffic but very few commenters apart from our own group. Maybe this will help them? Love the blog.

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