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Economy Focus:: JOBs!!!

Question: If the ‘message sent by the public to Washington, DC was “jobs!, Jobs!, JOBS!”; then where are all these sidebar issues coming from?

And, If the Republicans are trying to link ‘tax cuts’ to job creation and the economy; then why was dealing with healthcare and the delivery system was not an important exercise in dealing with America’s debt?

According to Mr. Warren Buffett, in a Reuter’s story about Buffett: Health Care tapeworm drags on economy; health care costs suck up 17% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  THIS SLOWS GROWTH of the economy!!!

On the other hand, Tax Cuts, especially for the rich, does nothing but add to the debt– and does not guarantee any job creation.  If it did, we would have seen nothing but jobs over the last 10 years under the Bush Administration.

If the Republicans are serious about dealing with the debt (as they claim), then Tax Cuts for the rich should be out –since no plan to pay for them has been submitted.

The President on the other hand has said how he would pay for the Middle Class tax cuts. He has further explained that tax cuts for the middle class will also help the economy in that money will be spent for goods and services and will help create an environment for business growth.

In my opinion, Somewhere, the Republican Good Ol’ boys are laughing at all the people they fooled, while making an appointment to go see their doctor [paid for by the American People]… which will be made right after a nice round of golf.

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