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I think I discovered the Problem with Tea Partiers, which irks me to no end.

I think they are ‘wannabes’.  They act like all-things government is bad.  I was watching MSNBC this morning and saw this one newly-elect rep talk about how the government should not get involved with what food was served in public schools…then made the statement that he learned about food groups and how to eat…blah, blah, blah.

I don’t know for sure, but I would venture to say that he did not learn what he knows from a tree.  I think this guy went to a public school…which is ‘government’ funded in some way.

Not acknowledging the obvious is what really irks me about the tea party group.  Some of them use many of the government programs; but they want to pretend otherwise.

To me it is like someone who refuses to admit they use free air.  “I made my own!”, they would cry; which begs the question—“well, who’s air were you breathing while you were making your own?”

A ‘wannabe’ rich guy doesn’t’ make him rich.  Nor will it guarantee acceptance into the rich crowd.  That is the problem with tea partiers.  Some are wannabes.  They don’t realize that many of the rich got that way off of government programs and contracts.

The Halliburtons, Microsofts and LockHeed-Martins of the world did not get rich by selling to you and me and the mom and pop businesses.  Government Contracts make a lot of people wealthy.  So, for people to pretend that government jobs are worse than a government contract is crazy.  In many cases, Government Contracts cost far more.

If  working for the government is so bad…why are REpubs so anxious to run for office and want to stay there f o r e v e r.  They should all give up their seats, go back to corporate America and create jobs.

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