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Other than God, there is no one who knows you like yourself.  You know your strengths, your weaknesses and everything in between.  When you are down, you know how to pick you up.  You know how to make you smile.

During these times of job losses and economic difficulties, many people go through situations they believe others won’t understand or that they simply cannot talk to others about.  In those times encourage yourself.  Speak words of faith and hope to help you overcome your sorrow.

In the Bible, in the book of 1 Samuel (30:6) we see briefly how the Bible says that King David encouraged himself during a stressful time.  He reflected on his situation, and then began to talk to himself about the goodness of God.

The Books of Psalm and Hebrews are an excellent source of strength and inspiration.   Do you need a pep talk, but can’t find anyone to give you one?  Do you feel alone with no friend to confide in?  If so, Do as David and encourage yourself.

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