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My last duty assignment in the military was with a training unit whose motto was:  “Always Ready”.

The concept behind the motto: To train toward preparedness for the expected as well as the unexpected.

The 24th chapter of Matthew talks about being “always ready” in regards to another, yet relative way.   Throughout the chapter, the writer talks about being prepared [primarily] spiritually for all scenarios.

Along with your spiritual preparation, consider being prepared for unexpected opportunities.  Being prepared to receive unexpected opportunities means you put in the necessary time and effort to be ready to perform should the “opportunity” present itself.

In certain sects of the military, a “problem” is considered to be an “opportunity”.  And, supposedly every opportunity has potential.  Training and preparation would determine the outcome of that potential.

I encourage you to start your training now so that you can meet your challenges/opportunities.  There may be days when you don’t want to train as hard or as long, but keep training.  Learn all you can; because you don’t want to “lack knowledge”.  Exercise when you must; because you don’t want to lack strength or stamina.  Always keep hope and faith.   Acknowledge God greater than self.  And, when the time comes, you too can say…”Always ready”.

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