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Hello Everyone, I thought this would be a cool category to have short articles and links about History… American, Native American, African-American… and on and on and on!!!

In honor of another site I was hosting, my First links are about African American History: 

1.  Black Facts:

Though this site has short blurbs about history facts, I encourage you to use them as starting points and use other internet searching tools to research the facts further.

2.  Black Collegian:

This site has a job search and other tools for college students.

3.  Slave Narratives:

The narratives are interesting reads.  There was another site that I had on a previous website.  I liked the design because it was straight forward and simple.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of that site.  The ones I have listed below are still interesting reads.  I will keep searching for the original site and post it if I find it, but in the mean time, enjoy what’s listed below.

#2: [North American Slave Narratives]

4.  Networking:

As far as I can tell, these are contemporary networking sites.

More to come!