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Have you ever wanted to start over in hopes of improving your current situation? You can stop going in the direction you are currently headed but, backwards time travel is usually not an option for most people.  That means that you have to start where you are—right now.

The other day I was researching and found something in the Bible quite motivating in Exodus Chapter 4. The scenario:  God was speaking to Moses –instructing him on how they would leave Egypt. Moses looked at this as being a huge task and undertaking.

He had doubts and issues about procedural matters. He felt neither confident in himself nor in the people.  Moses even seemed to doubt  that the plan would work.

At that point, God asked a question that I think we should all reflect on: “What is that in thine hand?”

In short (and to get to the point), Moses had a rod that he had confidence in and used regularly.  God wanted Moses to recognize and use whatever it was that he had (and had confidence in) to start the process moving.  Further in the chapter, God even provided Moses with a spokesperson (because Moses didn’t think he spoke eloquently enough), to show his support and ability to provide.

In asking that question, “What is that in thine hand?” God helped Moses start where he was. God then proceeded to give him the tools and additional assistance needed to accomplish the given task.

So I ask you today, “What is it in your hand?” What do you have confidence in that you can do? Whatever it is, use it to catapult you into a newness of life! In today’s economy and work environment, fear and doubt seem to temporarily have the upper hand.

I ask you to join me In believing and having faith in God and his ability to take what you have in your hand and making it enough to be a blessing to you, your family and those around you. You can be successful if you believe and put to work whatever it is you have in your hand.

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