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Looking back at year 2010 and forward towards 2011, I am reminded of scriptures found in II Kings 7:3. Elisha the Prophet was bringing forth a positive word to the king in the midst of a bad situation. He was predicting that the next day would bring food and prosperity to the land and that God would intervene for the good of the people. Of course, there was the naysayer in the crowd… who questioned the probability of the miracle happening. Elisha told him that it was going to happen, and that he was going to witness it; but would not be able to take part and enjoy the blessing.

The sequence of events began with four leprous men. They were sitting at the gate entrance trying to decide if they should stay, sitting where they were–waiting to perish, go into the city where the famine was to perish, or go to the host of the Syrians. After pondering the question, “Why sit we here, until we die?” They made the choice of going where the food was—the Syrian hosts.

They took a chance that at least by going to where prosperity was; they would have a chance to live.  The  worst-case scenario, they thought, would be being killed by the Syrians—which they were going to die anyway of starvation.   So they got up and went into the camp of the Syrians.

In that instant, they went from broke to bountiful. They ate, hid treasure, and ate some more. What happened? Just as the prophet predicted, God had intervened. During the night the Syrians thought that they were under attack and fled their own camp… leaving everything behind! Who would have ever thought that random of a thing would happen? Yet, it did.

After they were done, the four, “most unlikely people to prosper”, decided they should tell the king (partly because they felt guilty and thought something bad would happen to them if they did not ). Eventually the king was convinced and the people were allowed to go to the Syrian’s camp to plunder it.

The other part of Elisha’s prediction came true when the very naysayer, which questioned the prophecy, was crushed by people trying to get out of the gate going to get the food from the Syrian camp.

Lesson: Give hope a chance. Believe and have faith in yourself and the Lord, your God.  Don’t always be the naysayer or the one doubting the possibilities and  positive outcomes! In 2011, I wish you (and me) much prosperity–Starting now! Happy New Year and God Bless you all!

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