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It’s time to rant–in 400 words (or less).

For the past two years, I’ve heard much criticism about “AnyTHing” the President and the Democratic leadership did or attempted to do to solve any of the nation’s problems.

“Why is he focusing on national defense and wars, when it’s all about jobs?”… “Why is he focusing on saving the banks and wall street…when it’s all about jobs?”…Why is he focusing on health care…when it’s all about jobs?”….”Why is he focused on…blahblahhblah.”

This is why:  Two years ago, in 2008, before President Obama took office, the nation and the world had just come to the realization that we had big problems…and it wasn’t, at the time,  just about jobs.  Wall Street and the financial sector had just thrown up their hands and were in a panic because problems with the games they were playing with other people’s money had come to light.  The games had run their course and the jig was up.

Nations around the world were getting pissed at each other as if they were gangs…just waiting for somebody to make the wrong move so they could have an excuse to start something.  And, private health care and all insurance companies—of EVERY type were quietly soaking everybody everywhere while figuring out how NOT to pay claims.

Yes, The slackness of government regulation to favor business, banks and credit card companies; and the soaking of the American people by insurance companies and big business (by out-sourcing jobs) all happened under the leadership of Republicans  the first decade of this century(which I, as a voter, help usher in).

What were we doing as Americans to solve these problems? Nada.

That was what I remember about life before there was a  President Barack Obama.

Since President Obama and the Democratic leadership have been in office, many of the above-mentioned issues have begun to be addressed.

And in my opinion, if truth be known, there won’t be any “jobs, jobs, jobs” until these other issues are addressed. Security, finance & business reform, and insurance reform all have something to do with jobs.

Fore, Americans don’t just want jobs; they want jobs with good wages and benefits.  Americans don’t just want to work.  They want to work to have access to a healthy, comfortable life for themselves and their families.  That is the big picture. 

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