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(Opinion: DHSpeller)

It is interesting to see what is going on across the nation.  While businesses are making billions in profits, some are still whining about paying taxes.  Furthermore, they seem to have some elected officials on their side as they move to push even more of the burden on workers across America.  Yes, even after Wall Street and banks were bailed out, and they are making all the profits, they still want more.

To put it plainly, business really seems to be trying to push back the labor advances made over the past 100 years.  Sadly, they [are] using elected officials to do it; primarily, they are using the Republican Party.  They seem to be the party of choice.   While giving more tax breaks to the rich; they are hell bent on make average Americans pay for them. 

Most recently, they are going after the bargaining power of unions.  To be clear, what some businesses and their ‘paid for’ officials want to do, is change the retirement plans of many of those who have worked very hard all their lives to have a retirement.

If the unions only made advances for union members, maybe things would look different to Americans.  But Americans realize that many of the labor laws and pay advances for working Americans were related to and advanced by union negotiations.  So, just because a worker may not be in a union, does not mean they do not benefit from union negotiations and activities.

What if there was no representation for average Americans, would you still be making $1.50 an hour?  Would you be working 60-hour workweeks –with no overtime?  Would there even be a term called ‘overtime’?

I say make them blink.  If businesses want to go overseas, and not hire locally, let them go.  Just don’t buy their products, don’t give them tax breaks to come to your town and don’t give them any other special tax incentive.  As a matter of fact, TAX them more!  Close all loop-holes in the laws and add an additional tax on American companies trying to import their cheap sub-par products. 

We, as Americans, should look to our neighbors who are willing to start a business locally and support them.  If they give back to the community, support them more.  RE-CREATE local economies to help the overall economy.

Watching what’s going on in Wisconsin, Ohio and other places it is very disheartening.  To see our President, Barak Obama, not taking a stand is also disheartening.  Has he forgotten that it is the average American and the poor who have helped him?  I don’t think his absence in this fight is going to go well for him.  It always seems like he is ‘kinda/sorta’ late when it matters most.

I don’t know where he is getting his advice from, but people look around and see who is standing with them during the tough times.  If elected officials are not seen as being on their side, or are absent, or silent during the period when they are needed the most; then they make their disappointments know at the polls.  They either vote for somebody else; or just not show up.  Mr. President, you should really find the guy that looked like you when you were first running for office.  You are going to need him to win in 2012.

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