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In the past year, I have met many interesting and positive people. Two of them are writers who some of you might know. They are Tonya Peele and Gloria Edmunds.

I like both writers in particular because of their personal approach to writing.  I plan to go back and do a separate review on each book when I finish reading it, but I wanted to say now, that I thought both writers were very good.

TonyaPeele writes about healthy eating and living a healthier life style.  Her book, “Quick Wins” describes how you can make subtle, easy changes to the way you eat to make meals healthier.

Dr.Gloria Edmunds writes about accepting personal responsibility.   In her book, “Accepting Responsibility for Oneself”, she gives research information and examples about how people can recognize and cope with certain situations in life.

I mentioned that you might know them personally because both writers are currently living in the Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina area.  Tonya Peele is also from the Bertie County area—my hometown, the place where I grew up. Visit their web sites and blog and show them some love by purchasing their

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