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I had heard about meetup groups for a while now–here in the Charlotte area.  I even thought about starting my own group–unfortunately …they said my group didn’t qualify.  Hmmm, in essence too ‘sale-sy’.   So, I decided to troll around and find other groups to join and follow. LOL! …And, I’m glad I did.

I attended my first event yesterday, at a place called Advent Coworking.  Awesome spot.  I met the two founders, Kevin and Ryan and I was really impressed withthe facility.  It’s a public styled space where people, entrepreneurs and mobile business folk can come in and grab a space to work and hold meetings for a reasonable fee.  There are a few other similar locations  around but for me this one was unique because it had the feel of a library but without all the books– you know what I mean.

So anyway, the group meeting was pretty cool.  Around twenty people showed up and although the discussion was different than what I originally imagined– it was still great conversation and a good interactive experience.  People had the chance to ask questions and share information about their own blogging and pod casting journey.   It was kind of comforting to find out that I was not the only lost soul 😉   At the end of the event, there was a great opportunity to mingle and talk with attendees … but, me –with my somewhat introverted-self, I had to bounce.   All-in-all though, a great event.  Now, on to the next one…

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