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image of Capitol with wording for article Political discourse

UPDATE: June 2023

My site tag is #politics for where I’ll have my extended political posts. I also have a mini blog on Tumblr. It’s where I can rant and rave and expand on my political musings– away from all of my ‘other’ stuff.  Since I stopped using Twitter and TikTok… I cleverly created a hashtag I call #TumblrTwitTok …lol 😁

This is where I can go long on my extended political thoughts should I so desire and I invite your thoughts and comments. Put your grown folk pants on when you show up and let’s talk about the issues… Let’s go.

Thanks for the visit! Fill in the form toward the bottom of page to join my site. Contribute if you would--and tell others so they can visit too! 🤙🏾

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