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Image of Graduation photoIt’s Gabe’s Graduation Day!

So, my youngest son graduated today,  June 4th… and I am very, very proud of him.   😆  He and his siblings – I think – are the best kids in the world.  I’m actually very proud of them all.

However, for one reason or the other and through a series of spectacular events, I wasn’t able to be there physically.  That old foe, my life’s nemesis– the devil –would enjoy me drowning in my embarrassment, misery and sorrow and self-pity.  But I’ve decided: Not today.  Today, I’m reaching deep and for every lemon—I’m going to start squeezing it for all its worth and begin making the BEST lemonade …ever.  And for every good thing—I’ll remember to be thankful!

Today is the day I’m making changes in my life hopefully for the better.  I’m letting it all go.  “It is what it is”—that’s the phrase I’m hearing.  I’m letting the timidity and fretfulness return to its original owner and.  And I’m looking forward into the brand new day.

First, I am thanking God for letting all of our kids grow up and graduate from high school.  I am very proud of all of them.  And I know Lenora, my wife, would also be very proud of them all too –were she here to say so.

Next, I’m taking this opportunity on Gabe-Micah’s Graduation Day to say a blessing for them all… May God go before you all and make your paths straight. May He continue to give you favor and may the blessings come down on you like the falling rain.  May He guide your hearts and minds and give and renew a right and joyful spirit within you Daily.  May He forgive us our trespasses and give us the strength to forgive others.  May you find happiness in each and every day and may you remember to be glad and thankful.  Amen.

Today is a good day Mike!  Enjoy it and be glad.  God Bless you, I love you and we look forward to many more!!!

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