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image of an oven baked turkey in a pan

I like turkey all year.  This bird was cooked not too long ago.  After it came out the oven and while it was still piping hot, I thought, “well, …not gonna eat all of that right now…”; and I begin wondering how long I had to wait before putting it in the refrigerator.  Some people say and believe that you can’t put hot food into the fridge right after or shortly after it comes out of the oven.

Since I thought I might not be the only one curious of this—I decided to do a quick search and put a link to some of the findings here.  It looks like during earlier times…like when I was first born 😉 there was an issue with keeping an even temperature in the fridge if you put something hot in side of it – and could cause spoilage and accelerated growth of bacteria.

But with today’s advanced appliances, that problem has been greatly reduced.  Among the many posts and pages I found pertaining to this issue, there was an article on the site written by Jeanna Bryner called 5 Myth-Busting Facts for a Safe Turkey.  It was pretty thorough in explaining several points about cooking and storing a turkey.

… I know, now you want recipes right? We got you.  50 easy Ground Turkey Recipes []  Enjoy!

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