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flintwater4We’re going on a few years now talking about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Mr. Rick Snyder is still Governor; the water is still a poison brown in color—and apparently still causing rashes (according to citizens) when used to bathe in.

I recently read an article by Lucy Tiven that talks about Governor Snyder blocking free water coming to Flint.  My questions are: Why is he still governor?  And Why is Flint still Flint?

In my opinion, this water situation should have been over, done and finished no more than a month after it was discovered to be a problem.  Flint should not still be known for the city with the disastrous water problem.  By now, it should have been an exemplary example of how technology and science came together and solved an issue of grave importance.   The good Governor should have been recalled –if not imprisoned, and measures to ensure the quality and safety of water should have been put in place despite the ineptness of elected and appointed officials—which all should have been fired because they have proven themselves to be incompetent and ill-prepared to handle the needs of the citizens of Flint and apparently the state of Michigan.

A declaration was made in 2014 that “the water was safe to drink”; but yet, here we are obamasippin drinking flint water. 2016 and the problem remains; as if it were some unsolvable mystery. Fix the damn water already!  With all due respect Mr. President Obama, you going down sipping on a glass of supposedly Flint’s finest, does nothing to solve the situation.   How about letting the Good Governor and anybody else who says that it’s fine go down and take a sip straight-outta-river?  Or better yet, how about going to the home of the most affected citizen and drink from their faucet?   You know …like the Bible, in Matthew 25:40  “…unto the Least of these.”  Go and prove to them that the water is okay by doing what they do—washing, bathing, and drinking right from the tap—for as long as it takes.

NPR Image: Flint Wate Crisis RelatedAnd to the people of Flint… you got too much power in your vote and in your unity to not do something to move this process along.  You are citizens of Flint and the United States of America.  You have a say about who is elected, who is hired and who is fired.  They can’t handle the job and should not be paid another dime.   It’s time to make some changes—before Christmas.

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