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There have been many sad faces and a lot of crying following this year’s election(s) in both the Republican and Democratic parties along with …the main stream media.  And, they still haven’t learned a damn thing.  Some Republicans like, Governor Pat McCrory, are sad and apparently surprised that they lost …and some Hillary Clinton supporters along, with my beloved Bernie2 –aka Dr. Jill Stein, are wanting recounts in certain states in hopes that results will turn out differently.  Really?  To what end?  All the concern about Donald Trump not accepting the results now fall upon you.   I say: dry your tears and stop your frowning….along with all your bitching and moaning.

At this point, it’s time to start making moves and getting ready for all upcoming elections.  Research the people running for office.  Know what they want to do and where the want to go.  Then, show up and Vote.   If you are an Independent, like me, work on getting the laws/rules changed so that you CAN vote in every election.  What we have to know and remember is that all elected officials can be removed, recalled or impeached—if the will of the people is united and strong enough.  But, you have to be able to vote!

Just because it has always been the rule that only Republicans and Democrats can vote during the primaries in your area in the past—doesn’t mean that it has to remain that way.  Things can change.  But, as Senator Sanders has often said—it has to start from the ground and locally.  No one can afford to continue to let someone else make decisions about who serves in your local communities.  The system is out of whack and the police are out of control.  We the people have to be the ones to help set things right.

What does that mean?  It means that the “Straight Ticket Voting” you have been doing for the last 30 years might have to change up a little bit.  It means that Jack and James might be ‘good guys’ and you can still be friends… but, he can’t be your city councilman anymore ‘cause he hasn’t done squat for the last 10 years for you or your community.  It also means that thinking outside-of-the-box might be the new normal.  Start putting terms like Referendum and Citizens Review Boards in your psyche and learn how to implement them in the next local elections.  In order to keep the momentum going and the desire for change constant, keep your duties as a citizen first and foremost in your mind from this time forward and work to that end.  It all begins with you.

Lastly, these are the lessons I think should have been learned:

  1. The real issue(s) goes beyond being black or white. There have been white people and other minorities marching alongside black people for as long as I can remember.  And, there are plenty of racist black people too.  In my opinion racism is an excuse to keep like-minded people who would do good separated.  Greed, hatred, and lack of character are the real problems and anyone can use these tools to try to dominate others and tear down nation.
  2. Nobody wants the status quo. I think the only reason Donald Trump is President-Elect is because people wanted change.  Politicians didn’t listen, they ignored the people for years and as a result the people over ruled them all.  The same will happen again when and if President-Elect Trump goes against the will of the people who elected him.  He would do well to remember that didn’t just get elected by Republicans—he got elected by people who wanted change.
  3. America is undergoing change. The media would do well to stick to its job of reporting truth and minus the extra that clouds it.  It’s fine to give your opinion (in an opinion piece), but please stop bending the truth to justify your point of view.  Nobody is buying it and everybody had access to other sources of information.  You lose credibility when you become the front man or the mouth piece for any politician—regardless of who it is.  That is all … for now.

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