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I found this video while tooling around on the internet, researching a writing project.  One thing led to another and … well, here we are.  It’s time for you– no, us to Rethink our Heritage… I know some people are quick to connect with a lineage they’ve researched back to the mother land Africa.   Which is cool;  but, what about right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.?  Have you taken a close look at your Native American heritage?  For us to really know ourselves, we should really take a closer look into our whole heritage.  It can really be fascinating.

My mom, grandmother/ great-grandmother are all part Native American.  My mom had told us the history years ago, but for some reason, it never really registered with me.  I think that it’s the coolest thing ever.  I just didn’t know how to appreciate it.  But seeing the video and making the connection that this America is really home for me, brought about a peace that’s hard to explain.  I don’t have to wonder about what boat somebody came over on, or anything else to get a sense of belonging.  Because some of my people have always been right here.

I thought the video was amazing because it felt like truth being revealed.  DISCLAIMER:  Not saying that it is exactly as the video says, but it gives you something to think about.  …And the resemblances are amazing…   Your heritage and ancestry may be found in places you haven’t looked and is probably a lot closer than you think.  America– Land of the Free; Home of the ‘Brave’.


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