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When we first started out, Bernie was indeed the leader and starter of the political revolution.  And, hands down, he’s a great fighter for justice (when he directs his energy and focus).  Which is, for the life of me, why I can’t figure out his near obsession on bringing change through the Democratic Party.  It’s like he’s stuck and can’t break free.  As someone indicated before, If you need help breaking away Bernie, just blink three times– we got you. Otherwise Bruh, it’s a lost cause.  Democrats ain’t tryin’ to hear what you tryin’ to say.

I remember during the election (and probably even now), Jill Stein was willing to work  with Bernie, but he chose to lose through the Democratic blockade. Why?  As they say in the country, “Leave them folks alone.”  Go where you are welcomed.  Work with Jill!  Strengthen the Progressive and Independent platform and make the parties come to you!  As the Independent Senator from Vermont, what is the fascination with going through the Democratic Party?

The latest trend is– more and more Americans are moving away from party affiliation.  Which means to me, we need to focus on making it possible for Independents to vote in all elections regardless of when it is, primary or general.

I think that would be such a game changer; and there might be a way better selection of candidates when all voices can be heard in a non-affiliated platform.  It would probably take care of getting a lot of the undesired money out of politics as well.  With all the chaos going on, that possibility is in our reach right now.  People are fed up with the bs in politics; there is a great desire for change.

Which brings me back to Bernie and Jill.  So, why am I on Team Jill?  Personally, I like how Jill calls it like it is; without regard to Republicans or Democrats.  And, she is well versed on the issues.  I could and can see her as Madam-President.   She is poised when she wants to be and a fighter when she needs to be.

Both have their strong points; and I’ll admit both have a quirky side too, which are points for negotiation.  But, neither are crazy.  Both also seem to have the nation’s best interest at heart.   That’s why I think they should continue with their messages and use social media to get their words out.  Forget the mainstream media.  They’re not fake news, but they still leave much to be desired.  By taking the message to the people and explaining their positions they increase the chances that 2020 will be another election year for change.  I’ll be writing more about the platforms and stances of both, but for now,  on with the political revolution.



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