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jasmine flower imageI went on a little exploring adventure today.  As you know, I started exercising…again.  I actually ran for the first time –in a l-o-n-g time.  I felt like I was back in the military…almost.  ANYway…, that got me motivated and wanting to do a little more concerning my health.  I knew green tea was supposed to be good for you, but I didn’t know much about Jasmine Tea, or the umpteen other different varieties until I walked past this oriental grocery/variety store.

It had a sign in the window that was advertising a variety of teas that specifically targeted different ailments… all for the low price of around $14.95 each.   High blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss…they had them all–and they even had samples.  So, I was curious to find out what they were about.  I stopped in and asked the cashier for more information.  “We have free samples”, she said.  So I said, “Free?!…okay”.  Then thought to ask, so, have you tried them?  “No, I never tried those.”, she replied..  Which led me to ask, “Well, what do you drink?”   She pointed over at the little orange-yellowish box for $2.99.  “Oh, I drink Jasmine Tea.  It’s very good.” she said with a smile.   …Well for $2.99 (I thought to myself), I wanna be like you.

After she explained how to steep the crushed leaves, I grabbed a box and went back to the house to try it.  With a little honey, it tasted pretty good.  I ended up swallowing some of the  crushed leaves, which made me a little paranoid, and I began to wonder, “am I supposed to eat these?”    I guess I should have researched it before drinking it, but what the heck, I sipped on it some more and checked it out online.  I found a site called that had a post about Jasmine tea.  Turns out, there are all kinds of benefits to drinking Jasmine Tea, and the leaves don’t appear to be that bad either.   It helps in digestion, weight loss and is even said to help with lowering cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  Sweet.   Not bad for $2.99.  I might even go back and get another box later in the week.  Here’s to your health!  Live long.  Enjoy life.  Prosper.

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