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Yes, I’m ready to start this conversation.  So, let’s think it through… Personally, I think teachers should be federal employees… with scaled wages across the board …There are other jobs that should be considered too, but for now, let’s just focus on the teachers…. 😉


We expect students all across America to get a quality education; regardless of their location rural or metropolitan.  And, we expect teachers to get the training to them.  So, why not federalize the system to ensure that pay and services are (for the most part) equal across the nation?  Many people grow up in rural parts of the country and never return because of the lack of opportunities and resources.  I’ve know people who have gone on to become teachers, leaders and educators in one way or the other.  Some would probably want to return ‘home’ but can’t afford to for one reason or the other.

But, if they knew they could get the same pay because it’s based on a federal scale system, that may remove many of the barriers that keep them from returning to areas that they grew up in.  Also, if they chose to move to another area that needed more teachers, they wouldn’t lose pay or benefits.  That would likely attract others into the field as well.


Yes, there should be tests, and other things in place to insure they keep their qualifications and certifications up –because it is a profession.  No, there should not be a stipulation between Public or Charter because technically, they both serve the public in general.   And, moving to a system like this would definitely improve the overall education system …in my opinion.

Sure people should teach because they have a passion and love for it.  But, they should also be paid.


In my opinion, it’s one of those professions like a soldier, or postal worker or Civil Servant that you don’t need to worry about — it just needs to happen.  Ok… That’s my say.  What’s yours?

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