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One of the things non-profit organizations can do for a community is to provide useful information that will help with personal and professional growth.  Today’s topic of discussion is “Relationships”.

Good relationships consist of a level of trust.  Whether building trust with personal or business relationships, there has to be interaction between the parties trying to establish the connection on a regular, consistent basis.  People like to work with and be involved  with those they can depend on and can relate to.   The more consistent you are in your communication and interaction, the more trust you build.

Often, when you build that trust and have that consistency, you won’t even have to be the smartest or richest or best trained candidate or entity to gain favor; or be rewarded the contract because you have proven yourself to be both dependable and amiable– two important factors in long-term relationships.

Other things to consider while building strong relationships are listed below.

  1. Be honest.  Think through how your actions will affect others–in both personal and business relationships.
  2. Communicate.  It is understood that some people are introverts while others are extroverts; nonetheless, make strong efforts to communicate to others what is happening and what direction a project is moving in so that they will be informed of actions they may need to also take for a positive outcome.
  3. Have reasonable goals.  Having at least one goal for any relationship is important; even if the goal is to have fun.  It will often set expectations for those involved in the relationship and bolster a sense of purpose for the connection.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful and will assist you in future connections and relationships.  Remember to tell people about our Facebook page, web site and social media platforms!


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