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I grabbed the link to this twitter post because it’s an interesting video.  To me, it demonstrated that even when people tried to have opposition to Medicare-For-All, it still turned out to be the best answer to solve many of the healthcare issues we have.

For sure, there is no ‘one answer that fixes everything’.  But, we have to start choosing a direction of best possibilities and moving in that direction on a continuous path.  All the money people spend on elections, political campaigns, and lies and propaganda could be put to so much better use;  and, we can help them start. We can ignore all the bullshit that we know is bullshit and simply ask the hard questions of both parties.  That is the fastest way of helping them realize you know the game they are playing.

The questions should be asked of both political parties; because both are playing political games.  But especially questions should be asked of the Republicans.  At least the Democrats make some effort of indicating they know what the average American wants.  Yes, it’s going to cost money.  But, so does everything.  The Wall, Tax Cuts, Defense, Corporate Welfare, …everything Republicans claim “pays for itself ” (and doesn’t) costs money too.  So, if that is the case, I think ‘Medicare-for-All’ will more than pay for itself.  And, actually by people paying into it like Social Security, it probably will.  Especially if politicians leave the money alone (…like they were supposed to not touch or borrow from Social Security), it will have a good chance at being successful.

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