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[reblog of a facebook post] …sigh… so, I had tried a store-bought sweet potato pie a couple of weeks ago–and, ey, it wasn’t that great…then I tried a pumpkin pie..cause you know… all the pumpkins are out and er’thang… and then to-day… Today I tried a Pattie LaBelle Sweet Potato pie ?….??…mann…lemme tell you…Pattie LaBelle done gave away the real secret recipe to all the grandmas’ sweet potato pies… and I know they got to feel some type of way about it, because I do… Pie like that should not be available to just grab off the shelf in walmart ??? ?…it’s almost like she gave away the real secret location of Wakanda… you can’t do that Pattie.

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It’s November!  I’m ready to start a new month and I really, really, really, really, am going to start using my blog for more posting…of everything.  So, come here to get the skinny on my tweets…and good conversation.  Tell your friends.

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