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Image of DHSpellerI realized as I was trying to update my site (while writing a post), that I was trying to be waaaaayyy to serious here.  I used to use Facebook for my antics; but they are in trouble now and trying to take it out on others –to deflect ?  lol…

…So, I figure, since I have this site… I can do everything here …right?  Meaning, I can give information and news…while at the same time write what I really think and have fun with it all.  #Truth…  (I’m already feeling better about it…. With just the thought of this new direction!

Yes, there will be more personal photos, images…etc… more like an actual BLOG…smh…  Oh, yeah my hair has gotten shorter since the taking of this picture… more updates will come. Later, much. much. later.

Thanks for the visit! Fill in the form toward the bottom of page to join my site. Contribute if you would--and tell others so they can visit too! 🤙🏾

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