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I’ve been mulling it over in my mind; and I’m still wondering and trying to figure out how Bernie Sanders thinks he’s going to get a fair deal?

With politics such as it is, I understand (a little), why Senator Sanders (Bernie) feels the need to run as a candidate with one of the two established parties; but I really believe he’ll have the best opportunity to win; and get the most support by running as an Independent candidate.  Here’s why.

First, by not being tied to either party, he’ll be able to delineate himself as a candidate for all Americans. He’ll have an opportunity to get support for people who said they’d never vote for a Democrat again (and meant it), as well as progressives, independents and others just looking for some kind of  relief.

In my opinion I think it would be a win/win for Progressives and Democrats… and for people in general.  Democrats, could avoid taking a loss if he loses (which he won’t …because he polled last time as being able to defeat trump in 2016).  But, if he wins, Democrats will still have an ally in the White House.

The argument that he is too progressive makes little to no sense  because he had to manage a city as Mayor.  So he already knows how to work with both parties.  And because legislation has to pass through Congress, there’ll be an opportunity to honestly negotiate and pass legislation that is both progressive and considerate.  Although, Americans would have to give power back to Progressives and Democrats to make it work.    I think he’d have a great opportunity to follow through on policies that would be good for the American people in these times of inequality.

So, yes.  In my opinion, he would definitely be the best choice…and everyone else running?  They would be excellent appointments to the individual departments they are focused on…but, that’s a post for another day.

If Bernie keeps getting igged by the press, commentators and DNC –who I believe are still trying to promote folks like Beto and possibly Biden… Bernie should cut bait and just go for it as an Independent.  That’s what think.  How about you?  Feel free to share your opinions.

I’m going to be posting more here, on the blogsite.  I’m not sure where Facebook is headed … so let’s start our conversations!


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