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Image of House floor with call out message "Pelosi Do Better"

As far as I’m concerned, Nancy Pelosi is still not doing her job.  Furthermore, her inaction is emboldening potusTheGrabber and all of his would be co-conspirators.

Why does she want to be Speaker of the House, if she doesn’t want to do Speaker of the House things?  Impeachment does not have to have ‘proof’ of a crime to be legitimately warranted.  I think it’s past time that she gave up the gavel to a more capable leader who carry out the task.

She’s going to lose the house again with all the slow walking and hand wringing about impeachment.  People put Democrats and Progressives in charge to take action concerning holding the President accountable instead of just talking about it.  For everything Trump is doing at this point Nancy is partly responsible.  Knowing that he’s a drunk fool, she still allows him to hold the key to keep driving his clown car, dangerously down the road.

Democrats need to stop fooling themselves; and stop lying to America.  She is not a skillful tactician.  She’s bumbling and fumbling at this point and avoiding to carry out her constitutional duties.  If they don’t buck up and do their jobs, Republicans won’t be the only ones I’ll be looking to replace with my vote in 2020.

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