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I’ve been sitting back watching everything.  Taking it all in…  Government, economy, media, police, politicians, people.  One thing is clear.  Things are not okay.  And, although things look very dark, right now; I personally believe things are going to change soon–for the better.

Not because of things the present people in the White House are doing; but, more despite what they are doing.  It is clear, the president and his followers want to take America back to an “Again” place in American history… which, many I believe most are not trying to revisit.

What we can do, and what we should do in America, right now—is look forward to a better place to take this country.  The way policing is done, in my opinion, is all wrong.  Too many minorities (black folk and others) are held accountable for all of society’s ills.  As if we are the sacrificial lamb that is being offered up.  THAT is bullshit.  The way wealth is handled is wrong.  400 years this nation has profited from theft and slavery and hasn’t tallied up the books to make proper reparations.  THAT is bullshit.  The way healthcare is managed is all wrong.  Companies, that don’t even have doctors, or provide any kind of care is charging Americans to manage a system for profit.  Therefore, their incentive to pay for services received from actual doctors is absent.

Also, there needs to be something done to make working conditions more favorable for the workers in this country.  I.E. no more signing of non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and arbitrary agreements.  All of which are created to give a severe advantage to the employer.  Again, all are created to give a severe advantage to the employer.  If they want anything that resemble true ‘free market’, then competition must occur on all levels.  If laws don’t change, then I see workers walking off and starting their own companies… they’ll probably be fired eventually anyway.  That’s the way it works now days.  People are tired.  I’m tired. We’re all tired.  Trump is a pussy grabbing “idot”; also known as an idiot.  …smh

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