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So, I’ve seen posts and opinion pieces others have written on all things political.  Now, it’s my turn.  I have simple, straight forward reasons why I think Senator Bernie Sanders should be President of the United States.  Some of them are listed below.

  1. Bernie Sanders has a vision and the ability to communicate plainly to the American people. Bernie says what needs to be said.  He’s the only person I’ve see thus far that tells you plainly what’s going on.  Warren, Harris, Gabbard and all the others actually have viable ideas and frankly, I think a President Sanders would work with them to get their piece of the agenda included in an effort to make things better for all Americans.  For years Senator Sanders has stood up for positions he has championed and believed in and in 2016 put in place a platform and agenda where the current candidate now feel free to thrive and explore.  In other words, they weren’t that bold to do so in 2016.  But, it’s okay, now is now.  And, having said that, NOW is a time to elect Bernie Sanders.
  2. Bernie Sanders has the management skills and knows how to navigate congress. I believe Senator Sanders has the skill set to get things passed in to law.  Senator Sanders has been an Organizer, Mayor, Representative and Senator.  Each step along the way, he seems to have honed skills that will be vital in being an effective president. He knows how to surround himself with effective people. So, it puzzles me why the media acts like or thinks he’ll be a dictator.  Yep, he’s gonna raise taxes on ‘millionaires and billionaires’ and large corporations and Wall Street… but he already said that—and maybe that’s why they’re crying right now.  But, he won’t be doing it alone.  He’ll have a whole congress that will help write the rules and pave the new path for America.  If anything, that should be exciting.
  3. Bernie Sanders is looking to change how the economy works; and perhaps make it work for all of America. I think most people see the need for a change.  Yet, they are letting the talking points about “socialism” shake them.  Some things should be remembered concerning this.
    1. This is America.  And, in America, things are original and unique.  The type of socialism/Democratic Socialism we currently have, is that.  For instance, we have Social Security, Medicare (in its current form), Medicaid other safety net type programs are all viable in supporting the “…Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare…” part of the Preamble to the United States Constitution.
    2. We have Three (3) Branches of Government. When they work, and everybody is doing their job, it works well.  So, when we take money out of politics and get back to doing things for the welfare and benefit of the citizens of America, we’ll do just fine under the leadership of a President Bernie Sanders
    3. … I actually want to see what tuition free college, Medicare4All Healthcare and plenty of good paying government jobs would look like. Because… you know those jobs would come with a retirement and benefits …right?  #Winning.
  4. Bernie Sanders is looking to be inclusive of all people.  If you’ve been following Senator Sanders’ campaign(s) you would know that he speaks to an agenda that encompasses the concerns of Americans across all spectrums.  I personally think that we need a president who can relate and comprehend what America is saying.   Jobs, justice and equity; those are the messages I’m hearing, and I think Bernie is hearing them too.

That’s part of my argument, and I think enough to make the case that Senator Bernie Sanders should be the next President of The United States.

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