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Medicare4All [Medicare for All] is just that, Medicare for all.  That is where we, as a people, need to be headed for.

It’s not the ‘Public Option’, or ‘Choice’ or any other fancy substitute.  And, the health care industry knows it too.   As a matter of fact, have you noticed how there are a lot of “benefits” that are all of a sudden being made available to you by some insurance companies at “no extra cost”.  And now there is something I heard called “Single Care”… What’s that all about?

In my opinion, the health care industry sees change coming and are trying to adjust to survive so that they can continue to make billions off of sick people.

There is no real substitute to be found in the private sector for Medicare4All because, in the private corporate sector, making a profit is job one.

Medicare4All is the solution for good, solid affordable healthcare for everyone.  Healthcare is and should be one of the industries that should be managed by the government.  To me it falls in line with the Preamble in promoting general welfare. 

The Elections of 2020 will provide Americans an opportunity to reset.  With a progressive leader like Senator Sanders, we have a greater chance at getting Medicare4All along with clawing back some of the power and wealth that has been grasped by greedy corporations and individuals.  Elections matter. People matter.  If you want things to change, then you have to elect people who are willing to fight for that change.  So, I recommend voting for every progressive you possibly can, to include presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Republicans, conservatives…and sadly some Democrats have stifled progress over the past 40 years…. FORTY YEARS!!!!  Imagine where we could be as a nation and as a people if we boldly addressed societal problems and issues in a progressive way–without the corporate welfare, cronyism and greed.

2020 is a chance to make bold changes with a clear vision.  Vote.  Make a difference.

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