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“Do Better”, they said. 🤨 The other day, I asked someone to read content I had written or tweeted to see if it relayed the idea and voice I intended. Immediately I knew I had to do better and expound upon my tweets and write more often.  For anyone sharing their thoughts with others for critical input, you might experience the same nervous cringe I experienced as they read; and you see the several iterations of facial expressions revealed before your very eyes.

It felt like the ordeal was taking so long, that I almost did a preemptive snatch and grab, and just revoke the Free Shot I had extended because, at this point, I really didn’t want to hear it,  and was about to say forget the whole thing.  Finally, at the point of intervention, a simple comment came my way, “Do better.

What“, I said, being slightly confused (and irritated).  ‘Cause I know I usually write content with a full thought in mind.  There might be an error or two…or three.  But, at least give me credit for having thought it through.  “Do better with expounding upon your tweets.  I mean, I get what you are saying, mostly but, it just seems like it should be more“.  (And to that, I thought to myself, you only get 150 characters.) (smirk)

However, since I had asked for input, I decided I’d work on doing better.  So, from now on when you see my tweets, there will probably be a link taking you back to a link that goes deeper into what was said within the 150 characters.  You’re going to love my political thoughts…. I’m sure; just thought I’d let you know. 😉  …and I’m using the tag/hashtag #dhspeller to boot.   Looking forward to conversations and your support!