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Democratic Elected Officials and the @DNC are constantly saying what they can not do. Then, MOVE!!!!!!!! get out the way.

Epilogue:  I think it’s way past the time for the actual truth to come out about our great country and its policies.  I love America, I served in its Armed Forces,  I vote.  Therefore, I think it’s time for a leader/President like Bernie Sanders.  It seems like we’ve tried everything else other than a government for and by the people, as the founders originally indicated.

I believe we have an opportunity now, to get on the path to really make this nation great–instead of continuing down that road of mediocrity.  It’s really time to bring forth that change.

And to the people will all the plans…they look good on paper; and please remember, “Plans are only plans until shit hits the fan”… It’s always better to have a vision.  And that’s what Bernie has.  A vision and a framework.  That’s what leaders do.  They  write the vision, make it plain and let others develop it. You got to know where you fit in; and the time and place for your contributions.

Thoughts?  Let’s talk about it.

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