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Bernie should not take Bloomberg’s money!  He has a strong support of the people.  And simply put, if Bernie takes the money, and loses, then his principles are gone, and the fight would have been for naught.  If Bloomberg wants to spend his money to help Democrats win, he can run commercials with the same energy—minus himself.

This is the lesson the rest of the Democratic party should learn.  They’ve forgotten that service to the people should be above all.  And if Bloomberg did buy some of the new Democrats as he almost slipped and said, then they should lose too.  They came into office owing a debt to a person who at some point or another will fully intend to try to collect on.  Politics is a very messy business, if you let it be.  Keep it clean and simple.  Let your yay be yay.  Say what you intend to do and put all effort into doing it.  If you fall short, then you fall short.  But at least be honest with people you intend to represent and let them decide.

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