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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WarrenI’ve seen where Elizabeth Warren has said that she thinks (in essence), she’d make a better President than Bernie Sanders.   …Note to Elizabeth:  Bernie has a vision, you only have plans. Let’s discuss.  I’m hoping we all can agree that all the current candidates are running on a platform that progressives, lead by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, created for the Democratic party.

I’m also hoping we can agree that not many politicians, if any, were talking about any of the issues that are now forefront in the primary race.  Lastly, I’m hoping that we can all agree that MOST of the energy for the primary is because of the progressive movement … lead by Senator Bernard Sanders.

Having said all of that, I fail to see the logic behind how someone can be a better president than the person who laid out the vision.  I agree plans are important, but not as important as the actual vision.  As others have suggested, plans look good on paper.  You can follow a plan, until it hits the first snag; then you either regroup, adjust, or come up with another plan.  The vision/ goal, however, usually remains the same.

Senator Sanders has laid out the vision and the framework to which the vision can be accomplished.  Senator Warren has assisted by offering her version of how things can be accomplished.  Of course, we all know that Congress creates laws/plans on making the vision or direction work, but the vision is still from President.  And, Sanders has shown that he is willing to put forth the effort to make that vision a reality.  Millions of supporters have aligned with Sanders to move it forward.  It would be GREAT if the Democratic Party would work with those voters to advance what more than half of the nation wants, instead of expending tremendous amounts of energy saying what can’t be done.  Vote for Bernie Sanders and let’s see what can be accomplished when we, the people, work together to get it done.

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