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I woke up this morning ready to welcome the new day.  I gave praise, prayed, and sat down to get an early start on blogging…because today I felt good, (and totally let yesterday get away from me).

“Uh oh”, I thought to myself as I stared at a screen with new WordPress options… “Did I do that or did they?”.  Beginning to feel the tension build (already), I heard the Word say to me, “good morning”…and I replied, “good morning”.  My eyes still fixed on the screen, the conversation continued… “what we got here?” (yes, I have these internal conversations, a lot)… and I thought, well… let’s see, what do we have here.

It was the new (to me), but old (to some) Block Editor from WordPress.  I had recently read about it and thought, “eh, …‘won’t be using that”. And now, here it was, staring me down, daring me to eff with it.  And, you know I did.😏

Since I couldn’t figure it out how to exit and leave the program right away, I actually had to use it to update the post. Long story short, I worked through it, and returned to what I knew and was most productive with, the old editor.

Two important lessons, maybe three:

  • Stop saying what I won’t do; especially if you have the knowledge—use it.
  • Open yourself to the Wisdom of God and believe in your ability to accomplish difficult things.
  • Enjoy the journey. Let the would-be frustration be the fuel to power your victory.

It’s easy to get frustrated when facing new challenges. But if you treat the challenge as a new journey and follow what ever instructions you have as if it were directions or a map, and allow yourself time to enjoy the ride… things will work out so much better.  That’s what I learned today.  I hope you enjoy your, Today’s Journey, and learn as much from it as well.


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One Response to “Good Morning, September 2, 2020… How are you?”

  1. This is so awesome and necessary: to flow with and in the spirit! This was right on time lmbo! When I started using the editor it was difficult for myself as well and I literally did as you said and learned to count it all joy when I face this sense of frustration!

    We truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! If we dare believe, then take steps towards our belief in faith! Very good read! #Motivation

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