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I apologize, sincerely.  To the people who are honestly trying to support me by visiting my blog, and finding scarcely anything new here.  No excuse. No alibi.  (ir)Regardless  😉 … of whatever else I was doing I should have just written something. A thought. A note. A comment… something.

Yes, my Twitter be live… but my site should be even more livelier.  And, it will be.  I’m going to follow an old rule I once made for myself (but never followed).  I’m going to just write, about  any and everything.  And hopefully, whatever words there have been written, someone will find something of use.  If nothing more, I would have expressed a thought for therapy.

I think I have opposite of writer’s block most of the time; but end up with the same result. An empty page! 😁😂😂  I’m thinking of 2, 3, 4 things to write about at the same time, and yet, before I can get it on paper –it’s gone!  So here’s the change…

I’m switching over to writing posts as long ass tweets.  R e a l l y  long tweets….like more than 240 characters.  Some of them may not be, but many will.   So, I hope you like the change and will continue to follow and support my efforts!  You are appreciated.  Oh, and I have ebooks, merchandise, podcasts, and other stuff in the works so… keep riding with me!  I’m working through 2020 like e’rbody else.  It’s gon’ be alright.

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