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drawing of statute of liberty

There are Three Branches of Government. As a Progressive, I am perfectly happy to own the House and Senate.  #Legislature

So… I’ve been thinking… I don’t want to be associated with a corny ordinary named political party… I want something cool and edgy and so on point… a name like… The Nomads or The Gypsies.  Something that is so distinguished and peculiar that people are awed when you enter a room.  Down to earth, yet demanding respect.  I’d be like, “I know who I am; and I know who my people are… And we run this.”

I have often said I’m non-affiliated, yet, I do recognize the need for party affiliation for ballot access.  But I think a party named The Nomads or Gypsies would allow for my individualism.  It should be loosely structured with a centralized operational team to keep things in line.  Things like keeping up with the list of candidates, operating and organizing media platforms and programming. And, coordinating interviews.  All kinds of interviews.  Having that in place would mean life to so many independents who might be like me.  I don’t need someone to actually tell me how to vote, I just need to know who the candidates are that might align with my concerns.

Oh, and an organization that can help folk organize locally as well.  🤔 I actually have other ideas how an organization like this can branch out  into other areas too… but that’s a conversation for another day.  So, what say you?  Anybody got any ideas?👀


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