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image of globe with books and a graduation capPersonally, I think we should work harder at getting Work From Home and School From Home right.  This pandemic is rough and it’s not the first nor will it probably be the last problem in this ‘brave new world’ we are facing.

I think many people have looked at these two solutions as temporary fixes as opposed to working on them as long term cures that could potentially help out a lot of people.  Do you think people like driving 20 – 30 miles to a job where they only make between $7.25 and $12 an hour?  Especially if they could do the work from home?

Home schooling has actually been around for a long time.  This period has been an opportunity to perfect that method of getting an education.  Sure we can open schools again.  But why not be creative by merging home schooling with traditional classroom learning permanently?  There are so many creative ways we can add more enrichment to  learning by adding cultural activities and courses to the curriculum as well as hiring more teachers and maybe extending the school day to accommodate family needs.  If daycare can run 24 hours why not designated schools willing to do so?

I know some have the question of, “What about the quality of learning?”  🤔 … What about it?  It’s not that great right now either.  The great thing is, most states have adopted what are called Common Core Standards.  You can learn more by following this link:

So, using those standards, changing to a permanent hybrid system should make if fairly easy.  I think it’s time we stop living in the past, and start bringing every aspect of life forward to the future.  Public Education should be no different.

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