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Image From Original Progressive Party Trinidad & Tobago

Image: Drawing fr Progressive Party Trinidad & Tobago

Taking Congress over from the Republicans and Democrats forever, should be a goal for every Progressive. I believe Progressives have the right mind set and intent to govern for the people.  Whereas, the Republicans and Democrats have proven their intentions to govern for corporate America for the past 50 years.  Therefore, I’m making a case for Progressive governing.  I’m sure there are so many more reasons, but, this is a good start…

  1. Progressives won’t be so timid and scary.  I don’t believe you’ll see Progressives worrying and fretting every time a Republican says, “boo“.  From what I’ve seen from most Progressives, they understand that they are in government to work for the American People.  Therefore, we understand that the ‘seats’ are the people seats and we are there to do their work, even under the threat of losing that seat in the next election.
  2. Progressives listen to the people from their communities.  We strive to be of and for the people.  That means y’all folks in places like Kentucky and West Virginia, you get to have Medical Care, Dental care and a job that fits your community.  To break it down further, having your teeth and ass fixed sure beats hurting all the time.   And you get to have a job to get some spending money in your pocket too.
  3. We understand that Progressive Government means making benefits available for the general welfare for everyone. Benefits should available for everyone when they are needed, even if the need is at some point in the future.  They shouldn’t be tied to your job; nor doled out by some charity on a whim, when they feel like it. Everything from healthcare to education should be a benefit to Americans.  Making those benefits available to all only increases the chances of citizens being a productive, contributing member of society–thus making life better for all.  Imagine not having to worry about costs at the point of service when you need to go see a doctor, that in itself will bring relief to millions of citizens.

And paid for?  Yes, PAID for by all… contributing through a tax …sales or otherwise, bonds, or .  Just like we pay for the huge Military budget, tax breaks, and everything else. It’s time to try something else.  And that time is now.  Comments? Suggestions?  Conversation? Let’s talk.

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