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image of salt shakersThe other day, I was sitting at the table and was trying to decide which salt to use;  Table Salt or Sea Salt.  My inner self quietly asked, “why do you need to add extra salt at all?”  And I replied:  Because I want it!! I love that taste and flavor!   So, I reached over and added a “little” of each. 😳  Yep, I did that.  Now, I’m writing about why–amongst other things.

I usually reach for the salt shaker because of habit.  In my younger years, when I exercised a lot, or did a lot of manual work, it wasn’t an issue because I got a chance to sweat a lot.  Which, I think that might be the case for many people.  But now, I have a need to create a new habit.  Paying more attention to what and how I eat.

I’ve actually been moving in that direction for quite a while …since my days in the military.  But, I have not quite made that a  habit yet.

I’m not a Bible thumper, but I do read and learn from it for wisdom and understanding.  So, in Genesis 1:29 it speaks on how God gave us herb bearing seed and fruit for meat.  Today, I know we eat a lot more than that, but those were the original foods given to fuel the body.  Somewhere along the way, along with all the other additionals, Salt was added to the mix.  And, to a lot of us, it was good.  But why?  Let’s go back to the Bible.  In Matthew 5:13 it speaks about Salt having savour, a pleasantness of taste; a desirable effect.  And without the savor, it’s not good for anything other than to be trampled upon.  So, basically we like salt because it tastes good.  🤔  I’ll add more and go a step farther (since, this is my site, and I like to think philosophically, outside of the box) –by saying,   I think salt causes some type of chemical change that’s somewhat, low key addictive.  I will have to do more research, but, just wanted to put that out there so you can let it marinate in your mind.

However, salt does have street cred.  I did find out that salt is a major mineral in plasma, the fluid component of blood.  “…It’s also in the fluids that bathe the body’s cells”, says an article in the Harvard Health Publishing, circa 2010.  [see Resources below].

Salt does play a vital role, but you don’t need to consume a lot of it for it to accomplish it’s purpose, because high sodium levels can cause health problems in the body.  Which, brings me to the point of this article.  Being, many things that we hear anecdotal information about might contain elements of truth.  But, you need to look into them further to find out how that information applies to you at the stage of life you are currently in.

I don’t like to write really long articles, so I’ll end this one here.  But, we’ll be revisiting this and other health topics as we continue to add more content to the blog and other media platforms used.  Keep visiting!



Harvard Health Publishing: Salt and your health, Part 1: The sodium connection



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