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Happy Holidays!

I was just watching a  Netflix show called The Social Dilemma.  It was talking about how many of the platforms, including browsers and search engines are designed to manipulate our behavior.  I kinda knew that, but… it was one of those pieces of knowledge that you just stick in the back of the brain– for future use.😏

Anyway, I wanted to test that theory, so I cut off my phone.  I did not put it on vibrate.  I did not put it on silent.  I did not put it in airplane mode.  I cut it off. 😳 When I say that it felt like I freed up a portion of my brain, I tell you no lie.  It literally felt like something disconnected from me.  Not saying that it is a good or bad thing, I’m just telling you how it made me feel.

During the first few minutes, I didn’t necessarily have an urge to immediately turn it back on, but I was a little anxious about missing a call, text, buzz, ding… or something, anyTHing that might indicate that someone was trying to contact me.  As I got more into writing this article, that anxiety went away.  Then, I began to think about how long I could actually leave my phone off during the day.  Or, maybe just cut it on once an hour for like 10 minutes or so to check for calls or messages.

I feel fortunate that I can pretty much limit my time on various platforms; although technology itself is something that I’m tied to.  I write, blog and provide other services for sources of income, therefore, it’s important that I use and understand it.  I’m just saying through my experiment, I found out I’m not as addicted as I thought I might be.

Yet, I can also see how social media platforms can be addictive.  Especially to young, impressionable minds.  People like being liked.  So if you are a parent or even  a good friend to someone.  It’s is important to help them realize their self-worth.  And, to realize your own.  It is my belief that we all have value, high value.  And regardless of your present condition, you have the ability to make yourself better which shouldn’t rely on social media posts or likes.  Start by making the affirmation, I am great because, I was made in the image of God. … but that’s another post…

The main point of this post is: Become aware of what Social Media is, how it works, what it does; and what it does to you.  Blessings.  Now, it’s time for me to check my phone right quick… and make this post!😉

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