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image of green party political platform

The main elections are over… still got that runoff in Georgia though…  Go Warnock!  I wanted to see what progressives were still out there on mission and on point since the excitement has calmed and the fog has cleared.

To my contentment, many were still out there.  Talking, blogging, writing, and informing people about issues and important topics that need to be addressed.  And there they were, The Green Party Folks, unbothered about election turnouts and; still voicing support for issues identified by ordinary people.

I stopped joining parties a while back, but I have to say, I’m impressed how the Green Party approaches politics.  They are progressive, and unapologetically so.  It appears that the original Green New Deal idea  was part of their platform.  And, they stay on mission… apparently even after the lights are turned out and everybody goes home.

I’m not sure why some Progressives who seek joining a party don’t feel like they have a place with the Greens, because, if they need to join a party, this is certainly a ready-made solution.  They seem to check all the boxes on a progressive checklist…  Social Justice, Healthcare for all, Environmental Concerns are all covered plus a few others.

Starting over with a brand new party seems like a waste of time and resources.  The Green Party already has ballot access in many states and is as near as a generic party as I’ve seen.  So I’m at a loss for what the issues and concerns are.  Maybe somebody reading this post can add a comment to further explain.  In the meantime, I’m watching and hoping that they keep up the good work.  Get ready for 2022!

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