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Yep, I truly believe that Progressives are the adults in the room called, our country, the USA. While modern day Republicans are the bullies and Democrats are timid and scared, Progressives, for the most part play the role of the adults.

Progressives don’t really want to bothered by the bickering but eventually– we have to engage. The Republicans want to keep all the goodies for themselves and their friends and the Democrats want the same, but pretend that what they want is something for “the people”. Real progressives see right through the bull shit of both parties and demand the necessary actions be taken to look after the people.

This is where we find ourselves today. The problem is, many people still sitting on the side lines not yet willing to embrace their role. They are still not willing to engage alongside the Progressives and bring about the necessary change, nor identify themselves as a Republican or Democrat. They are more like the people in the mall or grocery store who look on to see what the adult is going to do about the fighting kids.

One thing real quick… you don’t need to be standing on the sidelines anymore. Tell them fighting kids to sit their asses down so that you can be about your business and go on your way. Start being that change you are looking for. Start voting for every Progressive candidate you can. Be glad that you have new freedoms to express yourself when progressives laws are made. If you don’t want to do a thing, then don’t do it–but don’t be the cause of someone else not being able to live their best life.


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