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I am.  Twenty-Twenty-One so far, has been a year of moving forward.  Trump lost.  Progressives have gained some ground within and without the Democratic Party.  And we continue trying to make things better.

I must admit though, I am absolutely ready for Progressives to be a majority in the House and Senate in 2022.  I truly believe that it is possible.  Personally speaking, I am tired of both Democrats and Republicans.  I want people who are willing and ready to do big things for the American people, and not so much for corporations– because we need it.

We need to start acting like a 21st Century nation.  A country, bold and ready to take on big challenges.  A country willing to be truthful about its own past and present issues with race, equality, and equity.  This is just the year to tackle all of that and so much more.

Medicare For All (healthcare) needs to be available for everyone.  Which should mean, you will keep your insurance even if you move to another job or have not job at all for a while.  The costs associated with health care should drop.  You will not be paying an insurance company to do nothing other than to take your money and hopefully apply a portion of it to pay your bill.  Emergency Room costs should drop because visits will be managed differently; and overall systems costs should drop as well.  Finally, costs to businesses will decrease.   Because, although they may have to still contribute to healthcare, policies and other associated costs will be gone.

Education and Higher Learning should be different.  The way I see it, people go to school partially to get the training for a particular job or specified industry.  That training should be tuition free and a continuation of the public schooling if a public institution is going to be attended.  Education should be looked at as a societal endeavor.  The more educated a populous is, the more the individual can contribute back to society.

I think we, as a people, currently have the wrong attitude towards our national outlook.  The government needs to operate differently towards the people than private industry.  It is almost as if things are backwards.  Government bends over backwards to make sure corporations get what they need and are stingy towards its people.  This is clearly different from the ideals of the Preamble which boldly proclaims that we should …  “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”  (Preamble: USCourts.Gov site)

This was meant for all Americans.  And, if you are one of those who think that it was not, then we should codify the Constitution all over to make it perfectly clear.  I guess the point that I am making is; This is a new year, in a new time, in the earliness of a new century.  Let us be bold and get this right, for everybody.

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