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Co-operatives (co-ops) should be way more of a thing than they are.  I think that when the government doesn’t want to do its job to step in and help the citizenry, an opportunity is afforded to ordinary people toenter into the marketplace to possibly even the playing field.  Offering and obtaining reasonably priced goods and services.

[Starting with this article, I am going to approach writing my blogs and posts a bit differently.  I am going to offer resources I used along with my thoughts and commentary so that you can both hear what I have to say, as well as give you a starting point to research for yourself.  Hopefully, this will make it more of an interactive space where we can learn and maybe grow together. ]

Anyway, In my opinion, some businesses are way out of line when they charge extra high prices for goods and services during emergencies… AND PANDEMICS.  Considered by some to be commodities; those goods and services are important because they are simply needed to operate in the normal course of living. Businesses should be more considerate of their customers and the overall economy.  Especially when those same businesses are now, or have been given financial help in the past by government to keep them afloat.  In my opinion,  It is not their water, it is not their gas, it is not their internet.  And that list could go on and on.  So what can we do?  A couple of things.  One, we could let the government manage and control all commodity type items, and let the free market do the work by and through contracts or we could talk co-ops.  For now, let’s take baby steps and think/talk co-ops.  What do you think about it?



co-operative is a member-owned business structure with at least five members, all of whom have equal voting rights regardless of their level of involvement or investment. All members are expected to help run the cooperative.

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