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Do you think it matters when you eat fruit?” If you’ve started adding more fruit to your diet and meals, you might have the same questions I had.  Or,  “Do you eat the fruit before, during, or after the meal?”

I’ve heard a variety of things on the topic so, I put the question to Google as a search.  (You can see the search link below.)  Honestly, I think I agree more with my sister on this when she says she doesn’t think it matters.  But, there is a part of me that still thinks it depends on the type of fruit and time of day you are eating it.  Bottom line though, regardless of when you decide to eat fruit, you are winning whenever you do.

There was one particular article online by Humanitas University, Should Fruit be eaten before or after meals? circa Oct 24, 2016, that I found very interesting.  It addressed the question of when to eat particular types of fruit and what some of their main benefits were. I think it’s worth the few extra minutes to click over and check out the article.

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Google Search Question: When is the best time to eat fruit, before or after meal?

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